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posted Nov 22 2014

Latest newsletter :-) CF Newsletter

posted July 11th 2014

You can read my latest newsletter here. CF newsletter

OR...for a bit of humour, you can read a blog written by an impatient friend of mine, who thought a year between blogs was just too long. Go figure.... Fraser's Bloggo

posted Aug 28th 2013

Hello again from the USA!
I am currently airborn somewhere between Albuquerque, New Mexico, and Burbank, California, with 7 gigs and a fiddle camp behind me, and 8 in front! Really looking forward to being back in California, where Duncan Smith and I start off with a concert in Altadena TONIGHT at The Coffee Gallery Backstage...get your tickets here

Then it's on to Santa Barbara tomorrow and Sebastopol on Friday, before hitting up the Pleasanton Highland Games and the Jean Patrick Memorial Dance on the weekend.

Next week I'm looking forward to joining forces with cellist Renata Bratt for a couple of concerts - you can catch up with us in Salinas and Felton, before Duncan and I head off to Truckee for our final workshop and concert. Head over to my schedule page for all the details.

I can't believe that in 4 weeks I have yet to see ANY significant wildlife here - I've decided that the USA wildlife is far more elusive than least when I have visitors at home I can pretty much guarantee them kangaroos, if not a koala and echidna - am VERY disappointed that no-one's yet to even show me a SKUNK!!! Come on, America!!! :-)

Looking forward to catching up with all my Californian friends over the next week.

Hope to see you at a gig somewhere soon!


posted August 19th 2013

Click here for my latest newsletter from the USA! Catherine Fraser News



posted August 1st 2012
Last weekend Duncan Smith and I headed to the South East of South Australia to present a series of concerts. I am just loving doing these "mini-tours" of some of the smaller towns of Australia, taking our music out to country areas that often get overlooked by visiting artists. We have been meeting some wonderful people and gaining a real sense of the supportive nature and good old-fashioned values of these communities.There is something so grounded about country people and I have felt extremely welcomed and comfortable coming in as an outsider. The interest and enthusiasm shown to us has been overwhelming and I hope this is something we can continue to find the time to do. There has been a real sense that we are bringing something positive to these communities, who are often struggling with farming conditions and issues that effect rural lifestyles. The power of music to bring a sense of hope and relief can never be over estimated.
Next month we head over to Western Australia for a brief but extremely busy tour! Look out for our concerts and workshop, from Narrogin to Pinjarra.



posted June 18th 2012
2012 is chugging along in fine form. Duncan Smith and I have been having a great time doing a series of SA concerts, taking our music out into smaller country communities State wide. We have been well received and have met some wonderful people along the way. It's been quite novel not to have to get on a plane to get to a gig - at least for me anyway!

The Southern Hemisphere International School of Scottish Fiddle (SHISSF) in New Zealand, was another huge success this year. Our guest instructors were Hanneke Cassel, USA and Stan Chapman, Canada, and for the first time we also had a cello class with cellist Ariel Friedman, USA. A week of frivolity and general madness ensued, and the final concert at the end of the week was one of our best yet! Keep an eye on for updates about next year's camp...

In other news, I have just returned from the National Celtic Festival in Portarlington. This year I was the official Face of the Festival, which was fun, as well as playing with both Duncan Smith and the Adelaide Scottish Fiddle Club. It was the 10th anniversary of the festival this year, and Director Una MacAlinden and her team did a fabulous job presenting another great event.

Next Monday I head off to Ireland for the North Atlantic Fiddle Convention, being held in Derry and Donegal. The programme looks amazing and I'm really looking forward to reconnecting with friends and meeting lots of new people.
In the meantime, look out for some more regional concerts coming up in SA and WA in July and August....

Fiddle on!


posted Jan 30th 2012
SO, just in case you haven't worked it out already, it's pretty clear I'm the world's worst blogger! Where does the time go?! 2011 finished up in fine form with another highly successful tour to California. It was brilliant to meet up with old friends and make many new ones, in what proved to be an inspiring yet whirlwind 3 weeks! Thanks to all who helped organise gigs, provided accommodation, and supported our concerts and workshops.

2012 started well with the first in a series of workshops I'm running at home. I'm really looking forward to getting more into the nitty gritty of the idiomatics of Scottish fiddling in these classes, and this one focused on bowing options and ideas for playing reels. Thanks to all who attended and who made the subsequent BBQ dinner and jam session so fun!

From here I have a few local gigs coming up (get yourselves to Celts on the Green, 18th FEB, Mt Barker SA) before heading to New Zealand for SHISSF ( in April. This year it's gonna be EPIC! We have the amazing Stan Chapman (Nova Scotia), and Hanneke Cassel (USA) as guest fiddle tutors, and for the first time ever, are offering a cello class with the very talented Ariel Friedman (USA). There are still some places left so get over to the website and check out all the excitement. Of course, I'm just hoping Hanneke, Ari and I actually manage to ARRIVE at camp after our South Island adventure the week diving's been mentioned....that's all I'm saying!!!

In other news, I am now available to give lessons via Skype. All the details are on the new lessons page here on my website, so check it out and send me an email if you're interested.
Fiddle on!

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